Highlights, Lowlights & Colorist Trends

Education – “No Two Manes are the Same”

Date – August 4th, 2023

Attendees – Julie & Allyssa

Instructor – Michelle Zeller

Education – Highlights, lowlights & colorist trends


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What are Highlights and Lowlights?

Highlights are a transformative hair coloring technique that elevates the beauty of your hair. They involve strategically lightening select strands of hair to create dimension, depth, and a sun-kissed radiance. Whether you’re looking to achieve the many shades of blonde for a timeless elegance or opt for the warm, caramel hues that create richness and sophistication, we will customize highlights that effortlessly enhance your natural beauty and the look you are going for. Highlights not only add brightness and contrast to your hair but also lend it an air of refinement and style that can only be achieved by a salon dedicated to perfection.

Lowlights are an integral part of the ever-evolving colorist trends in the world of hair coloring, complementing highlights to create a balanced and multidimensional look. While highlights add lighter shades to the hair, lowlights strategically introduce darker tones, enhancing depth and richness. This custom blending of highlights and lowlights not only keeps pace with the latest colorist trends but also allows for personalized and breathtaking hair transformations that suit each client’s unique style and preferences.

Lowlights are a transformative dimension-enhancing technique. Unlike highlights, which add lighter shades to the hair, lowlights involve strategically introducing darker hues into the hair. This technique creates depth, contrast, and a sense of richness, adding subtle, multidimensional tones that beautifully complement the base color. Whether it’s infusing a deep, espresso richness into a chestnut brown or incorporating a velvety chocolate warmth into auburn locks, we will artfully tailor lowlights to each of your unique styles and preferences.

We gained invaluable insights into the artistry of this hair coloring technique. We learned how to expertly select and apply darker shades to create depth, dimension, and a subtle richness, ultimately perfecting the skill of crafting custom lowlight blends that enhance the overall hair color.

As colorist’s we will focus on the 3 p’s when starting your highlighting service; parting, placement & pickup. Michelle went over 11 different techniques and their end results to give you that full custom color with the results that you are looking for.

During the consultation we will break down sections of your hair in roots, mids and ends to ensure we fully understand the look you want and how we will accomplish the desired look. Terms like color placement vs. tones are important topics to discuss before coming up with a plan for the color service. We will ask for inspiration pictures and show you our previous work so we are both in agreement with your new look before starting your service.


Formulating Blonde and Caramel Highlights

Blonde and caramel highlights are not just hair coloring techniques but expressions of individuality and style. At this class, we learned that achieving the perfect blend of creamy blonde and rich caramel hues requires a deep understanding of hair types, skin tones, and the latest industry trends, ensuring our clients leave our salon with customized highlights that beautifully complement their unique features and preferences


Product Knowledge – Favorite Lighteners & How to use Them

L’Oreal Blonde Studio 7 is the ultimate go-to product for achieving stunning blonde highlights, offering precision and versatility to our hair color experts.

Blonde Studio 20 is a professional-grade hair lightener, renowned for its exceptional lifting power, making it the perfect choice for achieving breathtaking and ultra-light blonde highlights in our salon.

Blonde Studio 7 Clay is a revolutionary product that combines the precision of a clay-based formula with the excellence of L’Oreal’s Blonde Studio, ensuring our clients achieve the most natural-looking and seamlessly blended highlights during their salon experience.

Blonde Studio 9 is an exceptional hair lightening product, designed to achieve beautiful, multi-dimensional blonde highlights that effortlessly enhance and elevate our clients’ hair color.

Blonde Studio 20 is the pinnacle of professional hair lighteners, delivering exceptional lift and control to create strikingly bright and dazzling blonde highlights that stand out in our salon’s signature services.

More information from L’Oreal

About Michelle

Michelle Zeller, aka Mane Ivy, is revolutionizing the hair industry by teaching stylists around the world how to work smarter, not harder.

An influencer and style icon, colorist Michelle Zeller used social media to build her brand, Mane Ivy from the ground up. With her now-iconic hashtags: #manechick and #dontbeasidechick, she’s created and shared some of the most sought after hair color images in the industry and has been featured on some of the top beauty platforms.

After thousands of requests from other stylists, in 2019, Michelle announced The Mane Way education tour with over 20 stops all over the U.S. With authenticity, passion, and a belief that “NO TWO MANES ARE THE SAME”.

Michelle is up-leveling the lives of her clients and other stylist by creating original looks and sharing her techniques, formulas, and business-building tips through live and online classes and events.


We wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible educational class Michelle conducted on highlights, lowlights, and colorist trends. Your expertise and passion for the art of hair coloring shone through, making the session not only informative but also inspiring. I walked away with a wealth of knowledge and a deeper understanding of how to create stunning and personalized hair transformations.

We also want to express my appreciation to the salon for graciously hosting this event. It provided the perfect environment for learning and networking with fellow professionals. We look forward to implementing these new techniques and trends in my work, thanks to your guidance.

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