Curly Haircuts with Lasha Keller & Matrix

Mastering the art of curly haircuts is a unique skill set that requires precision and understanding. The Shear Magique team recently immersed themselves in an advanced class led by Matrix expert Lasha Keller McSween. With diverse textures and patterns, curly hair demands specialized techniques. Having a stylist who is certified in cutting curly hair is paramount as it ensures a deep understanding of the unique challenges and characteristics associated with curls. Certification reflects specialized training, translating into a knowledgeable approach that not only enhances the natural beauty of curls but also addresses your individual curl patterns and textures with expertise.

Advanced Curly Haircuts with Lasha Keller McSween

Date – 11/20/23


Level 5 – Luz, Tara

Level 2 – AllyssaJulieIsabella

Instructor – Matrix Educator Lasha Keller McSween

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Education – Advanced Curly Hair Cutting Techniques with Matrix


Challenges of Cutting Curly Haircuts

Curly hair presents a unique set of challenges, requiring hairstylists to navigate a landscape defined by diverse textures and patterns. Unlike straight hair, curls can vary widely, from loose waves to tight coils, each demanding a specific approach. The class delved into the intricacies of understanding these variations, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the individual characteristics of curly hair. From managing shrinkage to addressing frizz, the stylists learned to overcome these challenges with tailored techniques, ensuring that every cut enhances the natural beauty of curls.

Hands in hair education at Shear Magique


Customization for Different Curl Types

One of the class’s focal points was addressing the diverse spectrum of curl types. From soft waves to tight coils, the stylists honed their skills to customize cutting techniques based on individual curl patterns and textures. This tailored approach ensures that each client receives a haircut that complements their unique curls, embracing and enhancing the natural beauty of their hair. By recognizing the intricacies of different curl types, the stylists are now equipped to deliver personalized and precise cuts that celebrate the diversity of curly hair.
Our stylists have emerged with a newfound mastery, armed with insights into the unique challenges and diverse textures of curly hair. From understanding individual curl patterns to customizing cutting techniques, this experience goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring that each haircut tells a story of skill, precision, and appreciation for the beauty of curls. As we invite you into this world where curls reign supreme, we encourage fellow stylists to seek specialized training and clients to embrace the expertise of those who understand the language of curls. Welcome to a space where every snip is an ode to the artistry of cutting curly hair.
Curly Hair Education
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